Electronic commerce or more popularly E-Commerce simply means the buying and selling of goods or services, exchange of funds or data through electronic means, more precisely the internet. Whether it is  a B2B, business to business network or a B2C, business to consumer network, ecommerce is used all around the world. The main advantage of Ecommerce is the 24×7 accessibility it provides. You can buy/sell goods or services practically at any time of the day. Internet technology has made it very much possible to transact with just a click of a mouse or in case of a smart phone the touch of your finger.

In today’s age shopping on the internet is done frequently. Consumers have so many options that they search for the best on internet search engines and buy from websites that fulfil their requirements. E-commerce companies therefore have to make sure that they rank higher in the search engine results. Not being in the top 10 or 15 results means lesser traffic flow to your website and loss of a potential sale as well. You may have a better quality and version of a particular product but may miss out on a potential buyer just because you do not feature in the top ten search results. Search engine trends reveal that people do not go beyond 2 pages of the search results and hence there are chances that you would lose the opportunity.

How to feature in the top results?

Product descriptions or categories can runs into many words or pages. In order to rank in the top 10-15 search results, it is very important to optimize the pages. Search Engine optimization is the key here or rather the key word. E-commerce Search engine optimization or SEO involves providing a gist of your content that will make sure that you rank higher on search engine results. Whether you are just starting up or already are well established, visibility is critical to survival of the business.

Search engine optimization can literally double your sales if you just know how effectively to incorporate it in your website. Surveys show that almost 70% of the product sales come from websites and hence you should not lose the opportunity to maximize your profits.

How to build SEO content?

Now that you know what SEO can do, you have to generate content that will help you achieve your target. Even for a successful social media campaign SEO is of prime importance. Nobody would want to read pages after pages of your content to look for what they want. Instead feed them words or ideas that will make them think that it is exactly what they are looking at. Search engines do not love or hate certain sites but are bound to throw up web pages that reflect the search you have typed. For e.g. You may type cheap flights USA, immediately the search engine will show up sites that offer this services as the sites have incorporated SEO content that links them to the search.

Researching is the key here. You need to know your product as well as that of your competitor thoroughly to build your content. See how consumers search for a particular product and build your content accordingly. This will help you understand the market trends. A good content generally means good traffic. Once you are aware of the market trends, you can incorporate the keywords easily into your content to make it appear in the top searches. 8 out of 10 times, consumers buy from sites that appeal to them visually as well as content wise. Create unique and interesting content that will immediately connect with the reader and sort of compel him/her to buy the product which is your ultimate goal.

Make sure that you have a clean and neat user interface. Avoid being too cluttered with your website as that will hamper your chances of getting the desired traffic to your website. You do not just want people to visit your website get confused and leave. You want them to visit, explore and ultimately purchase a product. For this purpose keep the flow of your website clean, easy and attractive. Also the image size that you use for displaying the products needs to be in sync. High quality images are good but don’t burden your website. Remember that many searches happen on smart phones and if it takes a long time to load the consumer may lose interest. Also in terms of SEO, this is not good for your website. Allow a zoom option so that the page opens quickly and also gives the consumer a choice of high quality image by rolling the mouse over and enlarging the image.

Do keep in mind the percentage of mobile users and design your website accordingly or you can create a beautiful app for mobile users. Navigating your site will be difficult on the mobile unless it is optimized for mobile usage. This will make sure that you do not lose out on the percentage of buyers who use their mobiles to buy products.

Last but not the least; social sharing integration is a basic and fundamental requirement of any E-commerce site. Social media plays an important role in generating interest and leads for your products. In the age of click and share, make sure your site easily integrates with the social media platforms like Face book, Twitter and Instagram. This will allow your buyers to share what they have brought or simply share their likes and generate more leads for you through their network of friends and family. This is like the good old word of mouth publicity.

The E-commerce is a thriving industry with an estimated increase of around 2 million turnovers each year. It’s a huge pond where every fish, big or small has lots of opportunities. Visibility of your business is very important and a SEO based website will not only help you be in the top search results but also increase your profitability substantially.